Bondage First Date - DVD
Four Models, 49 Minutes

Kit Mercer was looking for a new and exciting pastime so she convinced her friend Natalia Nix that being tied up and gagged together would supply the thrills they were both yearning for. With the help of a skillful acquaintance, Kit and Natalia were seated in bound proximity on a couch, then gagged with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. As they writhed together in their dresses, the barefoot women enjoyed unfamiliar sensations aroused by restraint, then anticipated more daring experiences when Kit's breasts were exposed.

Those experiences arrived as Natalia and Kit stood next to each other, both naked, secured with rope and gagged with white cloths tied between their lips. Kit made a playful escape attempt, then turned to press her breasts against Natalia's; nude togetherness continued after they sat on a padded stool with a snug waist-rope pinning them back-to-back.

Still unclothed, the tape-gagged girlfriends sat side-by-side on a wooden bench, their wrists tied behind its vertical slats and ankles hitched to its legs. Their modestly restrictive positions became more challenging after Kit and Natalia lay facedown on a coffee table, the day's bondage exploration concluding as they arched enthusiastically in hogties.

After a dubious scheme went astray, naive secretary Jenna Noelle was trussed up on the floor in her jacket, blouse and skirt; a thick black gag tightened between her lips prevented Jenna from protesting. Although she tested the ropework fervently, Jenna remained under its control as her heels slid off and her breasts were revealed. A final link between her waist and ankles folded the bound and gagged secretary onto her hip and left Jenna curled up in her stockinged feet.

Meek little office-worker Nadia Noja also discovered the negative power of this jinxed office when she was tied to a chair in her black blouse and skirt. Gagged with tape whose color matched her clothing, Nadia was unable to escape the ropes controlling her and could only raise her bare feet halfway out of her shiny heels.

ID #: HH-390
Price: $25.00