Rookie Mistakes - DVD
45 Minutes, Two Models

Starring Lilly Bell and Kit Mercer with Jon Woods

This two-part tale of novice cops begins with Officer Lilly Bell. On her first assignment, she goes to the wrong house and she immediately regrets the error. The adorable blonde is restrained with her own handcuffs, and she tries to elicit sympathy and negotiate for her release. Instead of being let go, the luckless law-woman is tied in a classic position seated on a stool and she's cleavegagged with a bandana. Lilly struggles against the bonds, but her escape attempts are fruitless. Then her uniform blouse is opened up to expose her breasts, she's ballgagged and her feet are bound apart. Her skirt is hiked up allowing an unobstructed view of her pantyhose, and she ultimately manages to slip her feet out of her high-heeled shoes. But Officer Bell's misadventure is just getting started!

When we next see Officer Lilly Bell, she's wearing lacy bra and panties, a corset and strappy high heels. She's tied to a post, her hands roped overhead to a spreader bar. She's gagged with medical tape and a vibrator is rigged between her thighs. She's left to test the unyielding ropes and ponder her situation for a moment, and then her bra is pulled aside to display her perfect breasts. The vibrator is switched on and the immobilized Lilly tries to wriggle out of the ropes and defy the relentless influence of the device. However, Officer Bell can do neither. Despite her resistance, she must ultimately surrender to a series of helpless orgasms.

Then the sexy policewoman is dressed in her uniform blouse again (unbuttoned and pulled open to show off her lovely breasts) and sheer pantyhose. Lilly is securely frogtied with rope on a bed and she's gagged with microfoam tape. The feisty rookie moans through her gag and energetically struggles against her bondage, rolling around on the bed. Her efforts to get free unintentionally show off her luscious backside and stockinged feet. Yet for all her struggles, liberation evades her. Will Officer Bell be saved? And how can she avoid being found in this humbling position?

In the next story, Officer Kit Mercer (in a short, tight-fitting black dress, black pantyhose and heels) is on her first undercover assignment when her cover is blown. The leggy blonde is shown getting her wrists tied and she's bandana-gagged on-screen. Then Kit is seen securely bound in a crossed-ankle classic tie on the sofa. The subdued officer makes a valiant effort to free herself, then her dress is pulled down to reveal her voluminous breasts. She continues her attempt to escape but her actions don't go unnoticed, so she's then hogtied and completely helpless.

Officer Mercer is next seen dressed in a sheer babydoll nightgown, thigh high stockings and heels. She's tied in a cross-legged position on a bed and she's cleavegagged. It doesn't take long for Kit to slip out of her shoes, but getting out of the ropes is another matter altogether. She rolls around on the bed, giving her escape the old Police Academy try. But the ropes hold fast, and before long her ample breasts are bared. Her plucky endeavor to get loose continues to fail, and then a detective gag is layered over her cleavegag. It seems the hapless policewoman is really stuck. Will she still be able to prevail?

ID #: JW-156
Price: $25.00