Where's Mary? - DVD
Two Models, 50 Minutes

Sophia Burns and Madison Summers had been annoyed by a series of phone calls demanding the location of a woman they didn't know, but their problems multiplied when the caller showed up in person. The masked intruder first surprised Sophia as she relaxed barefoot on the couch, then tied her wrists and ankles, tape-gagged her and left the struggling girl hogtied. Madison tried to hide in her bedroom but soon lay trapped in rope on the bed after receiving identical restraint.

Once the hapless housemates were reunited, they sat bound and blindfolded side-by-side in wooden chairs. When they denied having any knowledge about the woman he was seeking, Madison and Sophia were gagged with knotted black cloths; although they were relieved by the blindfolds' removal moments later, both were naturally unnerved by the exposure of their breasts.

Stripped to their panties, the bewildered women stood trussed-up and ball- gagged next to each other; a pair of upward rope-links connected them to the pinnacle of a cabinet. Still defiant, Sophia and Madison balanced carefully on their bare feet while twisting back and forth in their rope webs. To emphasize his malicious control, the interrogator pulled down their panties, then recorded their futile contortions on his phone.

The impatient man repeated his questions as Madison and Sophia sat bound and naked on the wooden floor but their answers expressed the same lack of knowledge about Mary. He expressed his frustration by stuffing cloth in their mouths and gagging them with duct- tape, then left the unfortunate pair to writhe next to each other while he continued to search their house for some trace of the elusive woman.

The two naked, tied and tape-gagged friends were moved to Madison's bedroom, where she sat on a small bench while Sophia lay on the bed several feet away. After Madison loosened the tether pinning her to the bench, she hopped over to the bed and sat back-to-back with Sophia as they attempted to free themselves. Their rope webs still confined them, however, when the masked figure returned to display evidence that the courageous couple were better acquainted with Mary than they were willing to admit.

ID #: HH-404
Price: $25.00