The Woman From F.A.N.T.A.S.I. - DVD
>49 Minutes, Two Models

Gianna Grey and Caitlin Bell star in this collection of tales from the Federal Anti- crime Network - Tactical and Secret Investigations!

We begin with "The Which Way The Wind Blows Affair." Agent Gianna goes undercover as a meteorologist at a small-town TV station. No sooner does the gorgeous brunette (in miniskirt, blouse, stockings and open-toed heels) finish her report than she's bound hand and foot. Agent Grey is cleavegagged and she struggles to free herself. Before long her blouse is open, exposing her enormous breasts. Later her heels are removed and the stunning agent is hogtied!

Next up, Caitlin is featured in "The Maid For Bondage Affair." Agent Bell (in a very revealing maid outfit, stockings and heels) is posing as a domestic in the mansion of an entertainment mogul, gathering information on his illegal activities. Her assignment is almost completed when she's caught by the depraved millionaire. The busty blonde is ballgagged and tied up in a classic position with pink rope, wiggling and squirming in an attempt to get free so she can still accomplish her mission. But her efforts all go unrewarded. Her lacy uniform is disheveled to bare her huge breasts, and her shoes are removed. Caitlin continues her valiant bid for freedom, but all it earns her is more rope, and she's bound into a fold-tie on the floor!

In "The Win, Lose & Tie Affair," Agent Gianna is working as prize model at a sleazy game show. She's dressed up to tape the show in a sexy tiger-print dress and heels. But her true identity is discovered and she's bound hand and foot in a basement store room. The stunning brunette is cleavegagged, and later her dress comes down to free her luscious breasts. The hosts play a game where they allow Gianna two minutes to try to get to scissors she couldn't possibly reach. After she loses the challenge, the hosts remove her shoes, tie her toes, and add more rope!

Agent Caitlin Bell returns in "The Five-Star Affair." When a top-class restaurant is suspected of breaking the law, the undercover babe is placed as a hostess to gather more information. When the coast seems clear, Caitlin (in a sexy form-fitting gown and strappy platform heels) goes snooping around in the owner's office. But before she can locate any evidence, she's caught. Agent Bell is cleavegagged and chair-tied. She struggles against the bindings; soon her gown drops to expose her voluminous breasts, and the gorgeous agent is secured with more rope. Left alone, Caitlin strives to liberate herself. But her efforts only knock over her chair, making her much less comfortable!

The final chapter of this collection is "The Triple-X Affair." To blow the lid off corruption by a producer, Agent Gianna becomes a performer to crack the case. But her cover is blown, and as the scene opens the sexy agent (in bra and panties with her considerable breasts on display) is tied down to the bed hands-overhead, her legs spread wide and with a powerful vibrator securely snugged up against her nether region. A ballgag is strapped deep between Agent Grey's luscious lips. The insistent drone of the vibrator proves to be too much for our feisty damsel, and she ultimately surrenders to her very first, earth- shaking bondage orgasm!

ID #: JW-159
Price: $25.00