Couples Captured For Cash - DVD
Four Models, 48 Minutes

After innocent couple Sophia Burns and Joshua Lewis fell prey to a smooth- talking con-man, they sat next to each other on the couch, controlled with rope and gagged with duct-tape. As they challenged their oppressive restraint, Joshua and Sophia slipped onto the floor, where they failed to loosen the knotted coils immobilizing their arms and legs.

Deprived of their clothing, Sophia and Joshua were bound and tape-gagged, then sat tethered by ropes around their waists to opposite ends of their bed. As they maneuvered awkwardly attempting to move closer, the naked couple rolled onto their sides. Joshua and Sophia were finally freed from the connections they'd resisted, only to strain against hogties after the slippery intruder was gone.

The last thing Rebecca Vanguard expected to find at the office was her friend Tony Sting tied up and gagged. Pretty Rebecca soon sat next to Tony, her black dress coiled with black rope and her voice muffled by a knotted white cloth. Although the uncomfortable couple struggled vigorously against taut ropework, Rebecca and Tony failed to escape the bondage confining them.

Tony and Rebecca quickly learned that they wouldn't be free of rope any time soon. Securely bound and seated side-by-side in wooden chairs, they were free to speak for only a few moments before their mouths were stuffed with cloth and their lips sealed with duct-tape. Desperate writhing propelled bare-breasted Rebecca and bare-chested Tony onto the floor, where the unfortunate friends lay trapped in rope..

Rebecca and Tony's latest restrictive difficulty was the most alarming . Nearly naked after they were stripped to panties and briefs, they were bound, tape-gagged and hitched to the bed where they strained with futile energy. When the ropes controlling their legs were untied from the bed's headboard, the unlucky pair enjoyed a few seconds of hope that their ordeal would soon be over. Harsh reality returned when the rope-links efficiently connected their wrists and ankles so that Tony and Rebecca arched in hogties.

ID #: CC-67
Price: $25.00