Merry Bondage Christmas, Melody Marks - DVD
One Model, 55 Minutes

It's difficult to imagine a cuter Christmas elf than sweet Melody Marks. Of course, Melody's also the kind of elf who's going to find herself in bondage near the Christmas tree. As she pleads for release through her bandanna gag, colorfully-clad Melody loses her shoes and becomes a barefoot and bare-breasted struggler.

Although she's still surrounded by decorations and presents, it's not easy for Melody to enjoy the holiday when she stands bound and ball-gagged. The blonde beauty's a sight to behold in her black-and-white winter dress and shiny boots but becomes even more enticing when the dress is opened to reveal matching lingerie before those appealing breasts are exposed again.

It's a SoCal winter, which explains why Melody sits roped to a chair outdoors, surrounded by foliage. Alluringly business-like in her tight sweater and short skirt, Melody protests against her restrictive situation before a knotted black cloth is tightened between her lips. Because she's pinned to the chair, Melody can only kick up her stockinged feet after her shoes are removed and the sweater's unzipped for another breast-baring episode.

Melody's going to be adorable no matter what she wears but watching her curl up in a colorful sweater, small plaid skirt and white pumps to do some reading is a vision of innocence hard to surpass. Of course the pretty little scholar's destined for bondage, which arrives in the form of rope and microfoam tape. Melody gamely challenges her restraint but inevitably arches bare-breasted and hogtied in stockinged feet after her book leaves with a larcenous intruder.

Once she's lost all her clothing, Melody's placed in a bathtub, her luscious naked body tightly bound and her lips sealed with duct-tape. When she stretches her bare feet over the edge of the tub trying to escape, Melody's more strictly confined with a waist- ankle link folding her legs.

ID #: HH-405
Price: $25.00