Silenced Songbird - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Voluptuous African-American beauty Zoey Sinn was thrilled to learn that she'd be the leading singer at an upcoming music festival. Thanks to a ski- masked intruder, however, Zoey would be absent from the festival. Instead, her tight black dress would be coiled with rope, her mouth stuffed with cloth and her lips sealed with duct- tape. Seated on a small wooden chair, the silenced songbird twisted anxiously in bondage as the mysterious man loomed above her.

After she lost her dress and boots, the busty nude sat tied and tape- gagged on the wooden floor next to her Christmas tree. As she struggled against her frustrating confinement, Zoey's massive rope-framed breasts received hands-on attention from the man responsible for obstructing her career. When she was left alone, Zoey's desperate contortions propelled her onto her side.

Zoey's long day in bondage continued while she stood against a door, still nude except for stylish knee-high footwear. After she was cleave- gagged, Zoey maneuvered carefully to reach for the door-knob in an attempt to escape the masked operative. When he caught the courageous girl in the act, Zoey was lowered to the floor where she curled up on her hip.

To emphasize his domination, the unwelcome visitor reduced Zoey to full nudity once again, then bound and gagged her with white tape before seating her on the hardwood floor. Her limbs restrained and her voice muffled once more, the naked singer refused to surrender but found that the tape was as successful as rope at controlling her body.

Zoey's humiliation reached a new level when her unclothed body was perched on top of her kitchen island. Gagged with duct-tape, her legs folded by a waist- ankle rope-link, Zoey writhed cautiously on the narrow platform. Once Mr. Ski-Mask was certain that his nasty assignment was completed, he vanished after moving the long-legged nude onto a couch where she was left to arch in a cross- ankled hogtie, her slender bare feet flexing above her bound wrists.

ID #: HH-407
Price: $25.00