Why Do We Keep Getting Tied Up? - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

Bound with tan rope tightened around her snug white dress, Jesse Pony rolled around on the bed trying to free herself. But the smile on Jesse's face revealed that the bondage was of her own choosing and the barefoot little struggler's pleasure only increased after her lips were sealed with tape. Soon her substantial rope-framed breasts burst free from the dress and a hogtie encouraged Jesse to arch elegantly, a sight that surprised her friend Aria Lee when she entered the room. Once Aria understood that Jesse was playing a game, she eagerly joined in by tickling her sculpted soles and teasing her nipples.

After Jesse was untied, Aria was easily convinced to take her place, then twisted playfully in bra and panties when she was restrained in rope. Jesse happily took on the dominant role by fondling Aria's bare breasts before muffling her voice with a tape-gag. As the bound and gagged brunette knelt on the bed, Jesse used her phone to record Aria's seductive submission. Her soft soles next drew her kinky girlfriend's tickling attention until her round bottom attracted some swatting from Jesse. When Aria was introduced to the challenge of a hogtie, Jesse sat back against the headboard to enjoy her contortions.

Although Jesse and Aria had fun playing erotic bondage games and shared images online, they didn't give much thought to those few hours until a stranger paid an unexpected visit. Impressed with the enthusiasm their photos had revealed, he told the anxious girls that he could help them have an even more exciting time; Aria and Jesse politely rejected his offer but he had no intention of leaving. Tied up and seated side- by-side, they continued to protest until the hooded man stuffed cloth into their mouths and sealed the gags with duct-tape. The oblivious character urged them to repeat the struggling they'd enjoyed; of course, their reactions displayed a very different attitude. With their breasts bared, the gagged and bound pair strained against knotted coils that felt tighter than the ones they'd first experienced.

Their unwelcome visitor had brought a female companion who had her own plans for Aria and Jesse. Stripped to their panties, they stood next to each other with their bound bodies supported by rope connections to a hanging chain. The indignant friends had only moments to plead for release before their lips were spread by ball-gags that almost immediately caused drooling. Jesse and Aria maneuvered carefully on their bare feet while the intruders expressed appreciation for their nearly-naked exertions; full nudity arrived after the panties were pulled down around their ankles.

Tied hand and foot, her legs folded by a waist-ankle rope-link, Jesse sat naked and tape-gagged on a square platform while Aria strained in identical restraint on an adjacent lounge. Although they were frustrated by the awkward positions, both girls refused to surrender so strained against their bonds until their audience of two decided to create an even more rigorous finale. Hogtied in a much less enjoyable situation than they'd known a week earlier, Aria and Jesse devoted an intensive response to the ropework that bowed their bodies and raised their bare feet high above their hands. Although the oppressive pair were amused by their struggles, it was the two naked girls who'd have the last laugh.

ID #: HH-418
Price: $25.00