New Boobs Mean More Bondage For Natalia Nix - DVD
One Model, 47 Minutes

Natalia Nix had a breast augmentation, and she looks incredible. Time to tie her up!

A very attractive dark-haired young woman in a very short dress holding a clipboard as she walked inquisitively around the room -- what could her purpose be? Natalia Nix told the suspicious man confronting her that she had simply entered the house to perform a property inspection. His skepticism regarding Natalia's explanation led to the indignant inspector's restraint on a lounge, where she sat confined in rope; a knotted cloth was tightened between her lips after she continued to protest. Later, Natalia lay barefoot on the lounge while her story was checked, but when she hopped off in search of a way out of the room, her vigilant interrogator barred the way.

Although Natalia maintained her innocence, her paranoid host continued to believe that her assignment was directed against him. So after she lost all clothing except her panties, the bare- breasted beauty was trussed-up and stood supported by a rope-link to the hanging chain that had caught her attention when she first entered the room. Understandably nervous about her situation, Natalia began to call for help but was swiftly silenced with a ball-gag; she experienced full nudity after the panties were pulled down to her ankles.

Naked Natalia sat lotus-tied on a small platform and after she refused to admit that she was actually a snooping detective, the impatient man stuffed cloth into her mouth and sealed her lips with duct-tape. Natalia's futile contortions continued as she sat in cross-legged bondage, then became even more difficult after the hanging chain came back into play. The overhead connection held her kneeling in submissive restriction, her rope-framed breasts and naked pussy even more humiliatingly on display than before.

When she was freed from the chain, Natalia was able to lie back on a bed but her new position was far from enviable because her wrists were tied wide apart to the headboard and her ankles tethered to the bar below. Gagged with micro-foam tape, Natalia twisted back and forth in frustration before she was fully spread-eagled. The implacable man was determined to gain a confession of the true reason for her presence at his property but Natalia remained defiant even during that embarrassing arrangement.

After Natalia was moved from the bed to a couch, she lay tightly bound with her jutting breasts circled in rope and a black cloth gag tightened over her mouth. Her gloating oppressor had verified that Natalia was indeed a PI so he took the opportunity to record her naked struggles with his phone when he called the enemy who had hired her. More photos followed once Natalia curled up on the floor, her legs folded by a waist-ankle link that tightened her toe-tied bare feet against her bottom. Despite her dire experience, the unsuccessful detective was relieved when she was untied and her clothes were returned before she was ordered to leave the property.

ID #: HH-420
Price: $25.00