Don't Get Her Fired -- She'll Tie You Up - DVD
Two Models, 42 Minutes

Theodora Day and Caitlin Bell are quite different physically: Theodora's a petite, perky brunette while Caitlin's a curvaceous, mellow blonde. But they're efficient workplace partners who also enjoy sharing more intimate moments at home; they both were responsible as well for reporting that a fellow employee was embezzling, a decision that led to the dishonest woman being fired. So Caitlin and Theodora were understandably surprised to see her face again, an emotion that escalated once they sat bound and blindfolded listening to her disturbing rants. Their attempts to respond were quickly stifled by cleave-gags and though the blindfolds were removed, their rope-framed breasts were exposed by the smirking visitor, who informed the struggling women that her vengeful visit was far from over.

Stripped to their skirts and trapped in rope, Theodora and Caitlin sat facing each other on the breakroom couch, their legs folded by a tether that tightened their bare feet close to their hips. The anxious couple shared worried thoughts until they were quieted by the bitter ex- colleague, who relished stuffing cloth between their lips that she then sealed with duct-tape. The vindictive woman savored their pathetic contortions and mocked their inability to free themselves until it was time for her to leave -- but only after Caitlin and Theodora lay hogtied facing in opposite directions, where they arched strenuously until they were rescued.

Several days after their alarming encounter, Theodora and Caitlin were trying to relax at home in the evening by trying on some colorful new lingerie. Their sensual playtime came to an abrupt conclusion when they heard some one breaking into the house, then tried to hide in the bedroom but were soon discovered by a man who revealed that he'd been sent by the nemesis responsible for their earlier ordeal. Tied hand and foot in their bras and panties, Caitlin and Theodora stood side-by- side mouthing ball-gags and murmuring nervously; when they attempted to loosen the ropes around their wrists, they were momentarily freed but ordered to strip. After the naked women were trussed- up again and tape-gagged, they were perched on a marble-topped bureau so the intruder could take photos with his phone. The courageous women later eased off the bureau and tried to hop away but didn't get far.

Ropes coiled around their breasts, Caitlin and Theodora knelt facing each other in bound and gagged submission on their bed, where the happy memories they'd created gave way to the reality of their naked restraint. When their enemy's vile henchman ordered them to lean closer and press their breasts together, their response was reluctant but pleasure blended with humiliation as the nude girlfriends enjoyed their sensual contact. He completed his detestable assignment by leaving Theodora and Caitlin lying head-to-foot on their sides, connected by a rope-link between their thighs. Only after hours of striving did they escape bondage, determined that it was their turn to take revenge.

ID #: HH-421
Price: $25.00