Skilled Spies Trust No One - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

The skilled operative was happy with pretty girl friend Vicky Marie -- until he was convinced that she was spying on him. Vicky vehemently denied his accusation but soon struggled naked, tied and tape-gagged on the bed while the suspicious man tried to develop more intel about her. When he finally removed Vicky's gag and demanded a confession, she continued to maintain her innocence.

A career in espionage may foster paranoia so it was hardly surprising that Vicky's boyfriend refused to accept her claim that she had never spied on him. Still naked and trapped in rope, she was tape- gagged and placed on an office chair in the second-story corner of their spacious townhome. When the courageous nude rolled the chair to a door in search of an exit from his interrogation, he watched complacently until returning Vicky to his control.

Frustrated at Vicky's defiance, the experienced spy decided to move her to a different location. After she was clothed in a top and skirt, Vicky sat tape-gagged in the passenger seat of his car, wrists and ankles zip-tied. When their trip ended, she sat briefly at a battered picnic table as he exhorted his suspect to admit her guilt, then led her through the brush to a new area.

Her clothing reduced to bra and panties, Vicky sat bound and cleave- gagged in an abandoned schoolhouse. Her toe-tied bare feet were propped on the classroom desk, which allowed her unforgiving boyfriend to tickle her soles as his quest to discover the truth about Vicky continued. When she remained resistant, her breasts were bared and received hands-on attention that failed to change her attitude.

Returned to nudity, wrists tied behind her back and ankles pinned to the low platform where she lay facedown, Vicky was gagged with duct-tape after declaring that he was wrong to suspect her. Because the annoyed spy was convinced that she was lying, he intensified her restraint with a hogtie on top of the desk that raised her toe-tied bare feet close to her bound hands. Vicky arched indignantly at this tactic, an emotion that hardly diminished when her interrogator received last-minute information proving that his suspicions were baseless.

ID #: HH-427
Price: $25.00