Follow The Map Into Bondage - DVD
Two Models, 42 Minutes

How did he know about the map? Scarlett Alexis and Lana Smalls had no answer to a question whose significance mattered less than the man's harsh demand for their hidden map. While Lana went to retrieve it from their bank's safety deposit box, Alexis remained at home to guarantee her discretion; tightly bound in her colorfully decorated cocktail dress, she sat twisting nervously before a fireplace. When the dark-haired beauty voiced her anger, she was silenced with a duct-tape gag, then continued to struggle with futile energy until Lana returned. After she handed over a ragged old envelope that contained the map, the slender girl was secured with rope, tape-gagged and seated next to her friend. While the intruder apparently ignored them as he began to verify the map's authenticity, they murmured to each other before Scarlett slipped off her pumps and attempted to loosen the knots pinning Lana's wrists with her bare toes, a daring effort that wasn't overlooked for long.

Their unwillingness to remain submissive annoyed the map-obsessed man so he responded by depriving Scarlett and Lana of all clothing except for their panties. Tied hand and foot, still tape-gagged and nearly nude, the trembling friends sat a few feet apart on the floor before huddling together as they waited for the cold-hearted visitor to leave with his loot. As time passed, they couldn't resist the temptation to pluck at each other's wrists by turning back-to-back, an awkward maneuver that amused the thief about to depart with his prized possession. To celebrate his achievement, he arranged hogties for Lana and Scarlett on the carpet that left them with their bodies arching and bare feet flexing above their hands long after he was gone.

Several weeks later, Scarlett and Lana were cuddling in bed, still unnerved by their restrictive experience but consoled by the knowledge that they'd passed off an altered copy of the map to the evil man. Unfortunately, the client he'd obtained it for had recently discovered the error and dispatched another operative to carry out the assignment correctly. So when Scarlett headed back to the bank to get the authentic map, Lana squirmed anxiously as she sat trussed-up and tape-gagged on the bed in her skimpy bra and panties. After returning, Scarlett was bound and gagged in her chemise, then joined her girlfriend in futile writhing against the bed's headboard. Before long, the toe-tied couple's powerless situation was emphasized when their breasts were bared; they soon lay face- to-face on their sides while trying to process the harrowing deja-vu ordeal.

Although the authentic map had been turned over, Lana and Scarlett paid for their earlier sleight of hand with nude bondage that first placed them standing crotch-roped and hitched side-by-side to the bed's bottom rail. After their mouths were stuffed with cloth and sealed with several more strips of duct-tape, the naked pair tugged cautiously against the links holding them in place, wide eyes expressing their shock at the latest humiliation. When they were moved back onto the bed, Scarlett and Lana lay on their sides, held in proximity by a rope tightened around their waists that also slithered between their legs. They knew that freeing themselves would be difficult but could feel some relief in their awkward position by pressing their breasts together once the stranger was gone.

ID #: HH-434
Price: $25.00