The Bondage Fix Is In - DVD
Three Models, 45 Minutes

The basketball players were back -- towering center Olivia Madison and power forward Bella Rolland, along with a new team-mate, point guard Hazel Moore. Unfortunately for them, so was the crooked coach, whose latest scheme got underway as Olivia and Hazel sat zip-tied and tape-gagged in their tops, shorts and sneakers. Bella was shocked when she returned to find her friends in bondage but soon joined them struggling in front of their lockers after she was grabbed by the coach. When it was time for the next move, he freed their ankles and led the powerless players away to a more secure location.

Deprived of their clothing, the naked ballers were held several feet apart from each other in a large room, their bodies tightly bound and their lips spread by cloth gags. Straining against the ropes that controlled them, Olivia sat on a long-legged chair, Bella on small padded stool and Hazel on a doughnut-like piece of furniture. Later, to emphasize his mastery of the team he brought them together on a couch, where Bella and Olivia sat side-by-side with Hazel lying across their laps.

The nude athletes next stood lined up against a closed curtain, gagged with tape and once again trapped in rope webs that extended up to a metal bar above their heads in support of their careful contortions. The nasty coach couldn't resist adding another long coil that linked their waists and twined a trio of crotch-ropes between the defiant players' legs.

After Hazel was separated from her friends, tied hand and foot and tape- gagged, she lay struggling on a bed. Meanwhile in a nearby room, Bella and Olivia were similarly confined and silenced on a larger bed that soon held the pretty point-guard after the sleazy coach carried Hazel in to join them. As his plot to prevent the team-mates from playing in an important game came to fruition, the vicious man celebrated by toying with their bare feet, then leaving his three pawns arching angrily in hogties.

ID #: HH-435
Price: $25.00