Ailee Anne's Five Steps Into Bondage - DVD
One Model, 50 Minutes

She was home from work and it was time to relax so Ailee Anne slipped the shoes off her stockinged feet and sat back on her bed. But the quiet time didn't last long because Ailee was quickly trussed up in her blouse and skirt, gagged with duct-tape and straining against the tan rope that controlled her slender body. The petite secretary twisted back and forth on her hips until she was lowered onto her stomach in a hogtie; although she arched vigorously and rolled onto her side, Ailee failed to free herself.

Ailee's perplexing encounter with bondage continued as she sat tied, gagged and blindfolded on a chair, still clothed in blouse and skirt. When the blindfold disappeared, Ailee's wide eyes and pathetic murmurs expressed her understandable anxiety, an emotion that only grew stronger when her rope- framed breasts were bared. After she stood up to make an unlikely attempt at escape, the bewildered girl was more thoroughly confined by a rope linking her ankles to the chair.

Deprived of all clothing except her pantyhose, Ailee sat back on her bed, hands bound behind her with duct- tape, coils of which also pinned her ankles and knees together. As she pleaded for release, a hand reached out to stuff cloth in Ailee's mouth and seal her lips with more strips of tape. Desperate to escape, she matched her limited strength against the sticky restraint and rolled from side-to-side on the bed. Later lying on her stomach, Ailee raised her stockinged feet close to her bound wrists in a final challenge to the tape that also proved futile.

In a stunning turn of events, naked Ailee lay tied down on her back to a massage table and soon felt fingernails tickling her soft bare soles. Unable to free her feet from the rope pinning them in place, Ailee could only squirm and giggle until the ordeal ended and she was gagged with micro-foam tape. When her position was flipped so she lay facedown and her foot-bottoms even more invitingly arranged, the ticklish captive once again wriggled as intrusive fingers made contact.

Ailee was moved to a new location where she curled up tape-gagged in the corner of a lounge, her naked body snared in rope that folded her legs. Almost entirely immobilized, she examined her surroundings nervously until her eyes widened at the sight of a chain suspended overhead. The chain plus a vertical rope connection became Ailee's support after she left the lounge and stood moving cautiously on her bare feet while testing her final step into bondage.

ID #: HH-439
Price: $25.00