Some Visitors Don't Bother To Knock - DVD
Four Models, 48 Minutes

Carlita Ray expected to enjoy her visit with Keely Rose but while waiting for her friend to return, she was confronted by a stranger who casually informed her that he'd be taking over the house. Tied up in an office chair and gagged with a white cloth, the pretty Latina twisted anxiously until Keely made the shocking discovery of her trussed- up friend. Dressed to party, the stunned redhead also sat secured with rope and cleave-gagged near Carlita, who was later freed so she could go on kitchen duty for the intruder while Keely struggled alone.

Tied and tape-gagged, Keely later sat on a rug near the fireplace, where she strained barefoot against the rope pinning her wrists and ankles. When Carlita returned to join her, both were more fully bound, then sat next to each other murmuring as they continued making futile challenges to the ropework coiled around their dresses. While the uninvited visitor waited for his shady associates to arrive, he entertained himself by baring the curvaceous pair's breasts, then watched while they writhed indignantly.

Keely and Carlita's bodies were entirely revealed as they stood naked in rope and supported by links to the curtain-rod. Gagged with black cloths tied over their mouths, the nervous friends maneuvered cautiously on their bare feet until they faced each other, then experienced a brief interlude of erotic excitement by pressing their breasts together. When they were later seated on small padded stools, Carlita and Keely's immobility was assured by a rope connecting their bound ankles.

Still nude, Keely and Carlita sat on a couch with their wrists and ankles tied; held together by a rope-link around their waists, they begged for release from their arduous restraint. Instead the heartless visitor responded by gagging them with cloth stuffed between their lips that was sealed in place by duct-tape. Before long, Carlita and Keely received the welcome news that their uninvited guests would soon be leaving, but their relief was diminished by the fact that they would remain in naked bondage. Only hours later, when a more friendly figure arrived at the door would they finally escape the bonds that had oppressed them for so long.

When Lola Pearl and Madi Collins informed the toxic CEO that they would vote their combined stock ownership at the upcoming corporate meeting to require his resignation, they never imagined he would react in such a drastic manner. Sitting tied and tape- gagged, they struggled in disbelief at their ominous situation until Madi slipped off her sandals, then stood and turned carefully on her bare feet so she could attempt to loosen the ropes on Lola's bound wrists. After the daring effort failed, the powerless friends rolled around on the floor until investigators came to their rescue.

ID #: HH-441
Price: $25.00