Lost MIB's - DVD
Ten Models, 72 Minutes

Bound and gagged in his underwear, helpless and handsome Luke rolls around on the floor attempting to free himself. After that fails Luke spots a cell phone and calls the operator but his muffled calls for help cannot be understood by call center worker Jamie Ann Martin and she hangs up on him.

Personal trainer Mikey can be pretty tough with his clients but when he pushes Karlie Montana just a bit too far she teaches him a lesson with rope and a tape, tying him on the floor and giving him a workout he won’t forget!

While on vacation Holly Manning and Timmy get themselves in trouble and are bound and tape gagged at a public museum. When other patrons stumble upon our captured couple they aren’t eager to free the tightly bound duo.

Workplace harassment goes to the next level as Max is tied up by his co- worker Lela Star on the lunch room table, hogtied and his mouth is stuffed with a giant lemon.

Even after Michelle Curtis ties him to a bed Vector just won’t shut up, he talks too much, rambling on and on about nothing so she stuffs a bunch of cloth into his yapper and slaps tape over his lips to seal them shut. Michelle then leaves big mouth to struggle in his underwear all by himself.

Peeping tom Mikey learns a valuable lesson when he is caught by Karlie Montana looking through her window. Tying him in a chair and gagging him with cloth Karlie berates her captive creep!

New home owners Sadie Moreau and Jonathan meet their neighbor but instead of the normal bringing of wine or a house warming gift the neighbor brings rope and ties up the couple, to welcome them to the neighborhood. As Sadie and Johnathan struggle outside their new home their tape gagged muffled cries for help go unanswered and they wonder if their dream home has become a nightmare.

Bound and cleave-gagged Tommy is in a tight predicament but the mind can play some stimulating tricks as he looks up at his captor Hannah Thurman.

Bed bound and tape gagged Luke rolls around in only his tighty-whities.

Tickling is the order of business for Karlie Montana as she takes advantage of Mikey’s bare soles and exposed ribs.

Hogtied on a table outdoors Chad is gagged with an apple by bad girl Rose Bancroft and struggles to get free.

Businessman Vector struggles in a hogtie waiting for his captor to come back. When Michelle Curtis arrives she takes off his shoes and socks and tickles his bare soles with an electric toothbrush. Poor Vector laughs uncontrollably through the cloth that is tied between his lips.

ID #: MIB-157
Price: $25.00