Scheming Realtors Taught A Bondage Lesson - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Ailee Anne and Alexia Anders had achieved great success in the real estate business by using their physical allure to manipulate gullible clients. But when they ran into a man who refused to be conned, Ailee soon found herself trussed up on a couch in her short blue dress with her lying lips sealed by duct-tape. After she was discovered by Alexia, the slender brunette was also bound with rope coiled around her striking red dress and she sat tape-gagged next to her partner. The client they believed to be an easy mark had taken control of the struggling barefoot realtors and he was just getting started.

Although the anxious real-estate agents wore different dresses, the same strands of rope pinned them back-to-back in office chairs. Their indignant protests were muffled by cleave-gags tightened between their lips by the man determined to adjust their attitudes. After watching their futile struggles with great satisfaction, he bared their breasts before expressing his opinion of their behavior with hands-on dexterity as Ailee and Alexia murmured their objections.

Ailee and Alexia were used to spending plenty of time together but certainly not in such embarrassing proximity -- the naked realtors sat back-to-back on a small platform, their wrists tied around each other's waists so that their bodies were pinned together. Eyes wide above duct-tape gags, legs folded by waist-ankle links, the powerless pair strained awkwardly until they were separated and placed in even more restrictive positions on their stomachs. As they arched in hogties, slender bare feet flexing above their hands, Alexia and Ailee were fully aware that they'd messed with the wrong man.

It was a relief to be free from the body-bowing hogties but the nude partners were still bound hand and foot as they sat side-by-side at the bottom of circular stairway. After barely managing to communicate through their tape-gags, Ailee and Alexia made the daring decision to edge backward step-by-step up the stairs in an effort to escape the vengeful man. When they reached the second floor, however, the weary girls soon experienced his domination again as they curled up on the hard wood.

The regretful realtors remained in naked restraint as they stood next to each other in a small closet space, their ropework hitched to a horizontal bar behind them. Alexia and Ailee's desire to escape remained strong so they twisted slowly on their bare feet while trying to loosen their bonds. Although these contortions failed to free them, the bound and gagged friends found a few moments of unexpected pleasure amidst the humiliation when their breasts made contact as they writhed. Satisfied that he'd taught his lesson to Ailee and Alexia, the client they'd never forget went on his way.

ID #: HH-444
Price: $25.00