The Worst Case Scenario Preparation Workshop - DVD
Two Models, 51 Minutes

Bella Rolland and Chanel Camryn were preparing for a vacation in a potentially hazardous region so they reached out to a security expert for advice -- his response was not what they expected. Zip-tied and tape-gagged, the tall beauty and her petite girlfriend were removed from the car where they'd been confined, then escorted indoors by their consultant and seated next to each other on a couch. There he lectured Chanel and Bella about the challenges they'd face on their trip and emphasized his message by baring and caressing his squirming clients' breasts.

Their workshop experience became even more intense once Bella and Chanel were bound naked on long- legged chairs, their ability to communicate impaired by the cloth gags tied between their lips. The confined couple twisted anxiously until the highly motivated expert returned to remind them of possibly disturbing travel encounters by fondling their rope-framed breasts. After helping Chanel and Bella stand up, he showed them images of their stark bound and gagged nudity in a mirror, then pressed the tiny blonde's face against her buxom friend's chest. Returned to the chairs, which were turned back-to-back, first Bella, then Chanel squealed as the dedicated consultant tickled their bare soles.

Tape replaced cloth to silence the naked pair, who were still efficiently trussed-up and seated at opposite ends of a long curved couch. The zealous expert soon appeared to exhort them once more about the challenges they'd face, vividly illustrating his concerns with more hands-on attention to the tits and toes of Chanel and Bella as they sat with their legs across his knees. When he departed, they were left with toes tied together, which pressed one pair of small bare feet against larger arches.

Bella and Chanel were allowed to clothe themselves in tops and skirts, then sat tied up again on the floor in a kitchen corner. Their tireless life-coach demonstrated the potency of a two- part gag by stuffing cloth in their mouths before sealing their lips with duct-tape. Left temporarily alone, the regretful clients made strenuous efforts to free themselves, twisting onto their hips, stretching out their legs and kicking up their bare feet, before edging along the shining granite floor in an escape attempt that was predictably interrupted by the sharp-eyed expert.

Moved outdoors but no closer to freedom, Chanel and Bella lay facedown on narrow wooden benches arranged to bring the bound and tape-gagged girlfriends' faces mere inches apart. With their ankles hitched to the benches, the immobilized pair were unable to resist when the creative scenario deviser thoughtfully pulled up their skirts to reveal round bare bottoms. Although it was unlikely that Bella and Chanel required any further reminders of their vulnerability, hogties that pinned their bare feet close to their hands proved to be the climax of this unconventional workshop. When they were free of rope at last, he had long since departed but their comments about his contributions to their security were sincere.

ID #: HH-447
Price: $25.00