Tony's Full Monty Interrogation - DVD
Two Models, 51 Minutes

Despite her innocent appearance, Lana Smalls was a ruthless operative. Assigned to learn the location of an off-shore bank account where Tony Sting had hidden money he'd stolen from her client, Lana slithered into his office and attempted to seduce him. When Tony failed to respond, she took control and began a heels-on interrogation as the stunned man sat bound to his chair; stubborn Tony was gagged with a knotted black cloth after he refused to cooperate and left alone to consider his options. Once Lana returned, she raised the stakes by lowering his pants and briefs so she could place his penis in a no-nonsense grip that widened Tony's eyes.

Tony's unpleasant afternoon continued as he sat bound and tape-gagged on the floor with his back against the desk; after briefly straddling him, Lana sat back on a chair to test his resolve once again with her spiky black heels. She soon liberated Tony's shaft from his underwear so she could acquaint it with her footwear, a development that naturally raised his stress level. When he still defied her bold approach, Lana changed course by removing her shoes and fondling his cock with her bare feet, hoping that erotic excitement would coax Tony into spilling the details she wanted. But when the provocative interrogator pulled off his gag, he disappointed her with a negative response.

Lana removed Tony from his office so she could take him to a stark location where the bare-chested businessman stood roped to a post and gagged with tape tightly wrapped around his head. Tony's manhood rose in prominence after Lana amused herself by pulling down his pants and shorts, then toyed with the stiffened shaft. Frustrated by his stoic resistance, the resourceful operative surprised Tony by applying a chilling ice- pack to his chest, stomach and legs before inevitably focusing on his genitals; although he shivered at her cold initiative, Lana had still failed to complete her assignment.

Bedtime for Tony, though he'd have no chance to rest because he lay facedown and tape-gagged with his bound wrists and ankles hitched to opposite ends of the bed. More determined to succeed than ever, Lana had stripped to bra and panties before straddling Tony as she wielded an ominous flogger. After pulling down his shorts, she whacked his bare bottom while laughing at his contortions; despite her enjoyment, Lana's fascination with Tony's other side resulted in a change of position that brought the unfortunate man onto his back and his penis into the range of her leather strap. Before long, however, Lana couldn't resist the feel of that stiffened organ under her soft bare soles so she engaged in foot- massage that was suspiciously self-serving -- a situation that angered her client when he suddenly appeared.

Because he was extremely dissatisfied with Lana's performance, she was deprived of her lingerie, then sat tied and tape-gagged on the bed while Tony was taken to a different interrogator. Although she writhed fervently while attempting to free herself, Lana remained in bondage when Tony returned after finally relinquishing the profitable information she'd failed to extract. Her humiliation was escalated by a hogtie that left her arching next to Tony, who was restrained in the same body-bowing position. Long after her client had vanished and both had loosened their rope webs, Lana huddled affectionately next to the man she'd arrogantly dominated not long before.

ID #: NM-06
Price: $25.00