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The Stephens Files 4 - The Trap

The Stephens Files 4 - The Trap - DVD
50 Minutes, Three Models

Starring Theodora Day, Jessica Starling and Alexis Taylor with Jon Woods

As the next installment of "The Stephens Files" begins, luscious Theodora Day wanders into the villain's empty office, calling out for him. She's quite surprised to be greeted with a handgag from her hooded host, who asks what she's doing there. The stunning brunette explains that she's his new secretary, sent over by the employment agency. Paul informs his new employee he'll need to show her the ropes, and he promptly begins to bind the long-haired beauty. He stuffs a wad of cloth into her mouth and cleavegags her. He ties his new secretary into a classic position (shown on-screen). While Paul makes preparations to transport Theodora, she struggles and squirms against her bindings. Later her perfect breasts are bared. Theodora slips out of her heels and hops over to the desk, but before she can effect her escape, the villain returns and helps the trussed-up secretary to hop out the door.

Theodora is taken to a building in an industrial area. She's dressed up in a school uniform, including a necktie, white socks and sneakers. The dark-haired damsel is ballgagged and bound to a stool. Next Theodora is tied down to a table with her feet elevated. As the scene progresses, Theodora loses her sneakers, then her knee-socks, and then her blouse is opened up to expose her breasts and her panties are pulled away to reveal all of her feminine charms.

As the final scene of this story begins, Theodora is prepared for transport. The barefoot cutie is cleavegagged and dressed up in a cat-suit, and the villain is securing her with duct tape. Paul gags his delectable guest with medical wrap. Theodora struggles against her sticky restraints. Our final view is of lovely Theodora in an open steamer trunk.

In "Hogtied In Heels," busty blonde secretary Jessica Starling (in a short, low- cut dress, pantyhose and heels) is tied up in a classic position on the bed. Jessica is then silenced with a knotted bandana cleavegag, and she struggles and strains against the snug bindings. Later her considerable breasts are exposed, and she's roped into a very secure hogtie. She rolls around on the bed, trying her best to slip out of the restraints.

Superstar Alexis Taylor is featured in "Hotel Guest." The busty beauty looks fantastic in a sexy bra and panties ensemble and sheer black stockings with garters. She's bound hand and foot in a classic position on the hotel room floor, and she's sporting a seriously stuffed cleavegag. The buxom beauty moans through the gag and she sensually struggles and squirms against the restraints. Before long, her bra is pulled aside and her world-famous breasts are bared. The classic blonde continues her sensual struggles in a timeless display of a bondage fantasy brought to life.

ID #: JW-170
Price: $25.00