Undercover Girls All Tied Up - DVD
Two Models, 40 Minutes

Theodora Day's first undercover operation was going well until she was seized and overpowered by Vicky Marie as she searched an antique desk. After Theodora sat roped to a wooden chair and gagged with duct-tape, Vicky mounted the desk and savored her rival's struggles while talking on her phone. The blonde operative then emphasized her domination by stroking Theodora with her bare feet before leaving the petite brunette trapped in rope. Determined Theodora proved her bondage wasn't as restrictive as Vicky believed, however, so there'd be a surprise for her when she returned.

Vicky was shocked to find the chair empty but she'd soon occupy it herself once Theodora got the upper hand. Tied up facing backwards on the chair with her legs spread, the tape-gagged girl could only squirm while Theodora mocked her gag-stifled mumbling as she spoke on the phone. Vicky also received payback when her opponent's bare feet caressed her face and body until she was left struggling alone. She was amazed when Theodora hurried back to untie her and reveal that she'd learned both were working undercover for allied agencies.

Angry opponents only a few hours earlier, they carried out a cooperative operation by searching through the house. Perhaps too comfortable in their new friendship, Theodora and Vicky let down their guard and found themselves under the control of a more formidable enemy, who ordered them to gag each other with duct-tape. Once they were silenced, he directed the undercover girls to strip to their panties, then fondle each other's breasts and swat their respective bottoms. After he was sufficiently amused, Vicky and Theodora stood trussed-up in a corner before they were more rigorously restrained face-down on a bed in frog-ties.

The contemptuous man expressed his opinion of their activities with message-bearing white tape-gags that dismissively identified Theodora and Vicky as snoops. Humiliated by their failure, the bare-breasted pair knelt face-to-face in bondage on the floor before curling up on the floor and considering their limited opportunities to escape his control. Those chances disappeared once Vicky and Theodora lay on their stomachs, both straining with desperate determination in hogties, bare soles flexing above their roped wrists.

ID #: HH-451
Price: $25.00