Laney's Bondage Exploration - DVD
One Model, 45 Minutes

Laney Grey finally made the call that had been tempting her for some time when she reached out to an acquaintance with special skills. Before long, the daring girl sat smiling in a chair, her tight black top webbed with white rope that also pinned her ankles together. As she tested her restraint, Laney smiled and savored the emotions caused by the unfamiliar rope embrace, then requested a gag to escalate the experience. While mouthing a knotted black cloth, the bound and gagged novice playfully raised her legs high before slipping the high heels off her bare feet; soon after, Laney signaled that she wished her breasts to be bared as well and continued her delighted wriggling.

Energized by her first moments in bondage, Laney was eager to continue her exploration of its pleasurable impact. After clothing herself in white bra and panties, she stood against a curtain with her bound wrists hitched above her head to the horizontal rod. Laney rose up on her bare toes and undulated as if she were a dancer held in rope; a duct-tape gag emphasized the expressiveness of her wide eyes. After her bra disappeared and her panties dropped to her bound ankles, those eyes conveyed the excitement felt by nude Laney.

Her bold journey took a surprising turn when Laney requested a softer rigging material than rope to caress her naked body. Colorful scarves bound her wrists and ankles while another framed her breasts as Laney sat on a white lounge happily testing the smooth strips that confined her. Another scarf inevitably lodged between her lips before the curious struggler rolled onto her side before ending the latest experiment on her stomach, bare feet raised behind her head.

From gentle scarves to hard plastic zip-ties, Laney had moved on to a more formidable challenge. Twisting on the lounge, she wisely exerted herself more cautiously while feeling the rigid confinement and once again murmured contentedly behind her tape-gag. When Laney accepted her submission to plastic, she was moved onto a rug nearby rug with her arms held in front by ties connecting wrists and knees.

Although Laney didn't regret her encounters with less conventional means of restriction, she opted for a return to rope, whose tan coils circled her breasts while immobilizing her arms and legs. Thrilled by her bondage, the proud nude stood near the lounge, her compelling lips soon sealed with white tape, then lay on a nearby platform receiving sensual satisfaction by straining against a fluffy white rug. A link between her ankles and the ropes around her torso folded Laney's legs to achieve the confining climax of her stimulating day.

ID #: HH-458
Price: $25.00