A Hot Bondage Romance - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Madelyn Honey promised best friend Lana Smalls that she'd add some excitement to their lives, then kept her word by introducing Lana to bondage. Seated in a chair, Lana smiled as she wriggled against the ropes confining her and her eyes widened after Madelyn sealed her lips with duct- tape. Madelyn devoted more detailed attention to her bound and gagged girlfriend by removing Lana's heeled sandals and tickling her bare feet. Before long, she moved their encounter in an erotic direction by fondling Lana's breasts and straddling her to elicit emotions that thrilled them both.

Madelyn wanted to duplicate Lana's submissive experience, so after they reversed roles she stood bound and barefoot against a wall. Although Lana had enjoyed struggling in rope, she took an even greater pleasure in dominating her restrained friend by turning Madelyn carefully, then hand-gagging her before adding duct-tape. After lowering Madelyn's top, Lana mouthed and caressed the happily murmuring girl's breasts before raising her skirt to lightly swat her bottom.

Because Lana and Madelyn had both delighted in their individual restrictive situations, they were eager to discover the potential stimulation of sharing bondage. With the aid of an acquaintance, the lingerie-clad pair sat snugly tied several feet apart on a lounge; stretching out their legs playfully, Madelyn and Lana pressed their bare soles together, a game that continued after they were tape- gagged. Later they edged closer until they sat upright next to each other with their feet on the floor and playfully tested their bonds until Lana lifted her legs onto Madelyn's lap.

For the next step in their adventure, the enthusiastic girls chose nudity, then curled up on the lounge after they were tied hand and foot with their legs folded by extra lengths of tan rope. Madelyn and Lana savored the sight of each other's naked struggles while shivering with pleasure at their own sensations. Those feelings only became stronger after they were brought into inescapable proximity by a rope tightened around their waists; kneeling breast-to-breast, Lana and Madelyn pressed their bodies together and exchanged tape-gagged kisses.

Face-to-face intimacy gave way to separation when Madelyn and Lana were challenged by hogties that drew energetic responses from both daring nudes. Their venture into restraint concluded after they were reunited on the floor, legs wrapped around each other and ankles tied beneath wrists bound behind their backs. Aroused by their reunion, Lana and Madelyn snuggled together while twisting in ropework.

ID #: HH-460
Price: $25.00