Scheming Songbird - DVD
Two Models, 53 Minutes

Songbird Zoey Sinn's career profile had risen rapidly after the first time she was tied up and gagged. So as it began to wane, she surprised the man who'd introduced her to bondage and requested that he repeat the process that made her a celebrity. Willing to cooperate, he placed Zoey in a chair where she sat tightly bound in her revealing dress; cloth stuffed in her mouth and duct-tape sealing her lips muffled her voice and accentuated the impact of her wide eyes as she strained against rope. During the performance, both she and her host were shocked by the arrival of Zoey's manager, Kit Mercer. Although she was at first speechless at the sight of her trussed-up client, Kit soon enthusiastically took a role in Zoey's show by playing with her bare breasts and even applying her lips to the rope- framed orbs.

Manager joined client to form a struggling duo as they sat side-by-side on the floor; both Zoey and Kit were barefoot, tied and tape-gagged. Determined to achieve symmetry with Zoey's exposed bosom, the man in charge bared Kit's breasts before encouraging them to give 100% of their energy in an attempt to free themselves; simply playing footsie wouldn't create the drama necessary to revive Zoey's career. Their attitude became more intense when they were given a limited amount of time to escape, so they strained against the ropework while curling up on their hips before turning back-to- back to reach for knotted wrists. When they remained trapped in rope, it was made clear to them that a highly provocative approach would follow.

After their clothing vanished, Zoey and Kit were arranged in a more erotically gratifying position. Wrists and ankles bound, the tape-gagged nudes knelt against the headboard of a massive bed, their breasts in contact thanks to a rope snugly encircling their waists. Their business relationship swiftly evolved into a more passionate connection as Kit and Zoey exchanged tape-gag kisses and undulated against each other. Lowered onto their sides with an added rope-link slithering between their legs, their new sensual friendship escalated while they writhed enthusiastically.

More austere restraint followed their thrilling mutual contortions when rope was sidelined so that Zoey and Kit could feel the hard plastic control of zip-ties. Tape-gagged once again and seated next to each other on a much smaller bed, they tested the new bondage cautiously until it was clear that they would remain under its confinement. Tape bondage replaced plastic after Kit and Zoey were moved onto the floor, where their futile struggling continued as the naked songbird's daring project reached its climax.

Despite their intense physical bonding, Zoey believed that Kit had been taking an unfairly large percentage of her music's profits. So when her day in bondage had ended, she felt it would be fair to leave her agent behind to perform alone as she had. Kit wasn't as enthusiastic but as she stood naked and back in rope, hitched to a closet bar and gagged with a black cloth tightened over her mouth, she at least had the satisfaction of feeling Zoey's hands and lips on her breasts before her happy client departed. Until she was finally released, the blonde agent strained against her rope web and rose on her bare toes, confident that her efforts would bring worthwhile results.

ID #: HH-461
Price: $25.00