Daring Girlfriends Try The Ties That Bind - DVD
Two Models, 54 Minutes

After buxom blonde starlet Angelica Coralvine decided to sample bondage, she sat tied-up on a black couch in her bright yellow dress. Angelica thoughtfully tested her bonds, then a white cloth gag spread her pink lips before she lay on the couch and kicked up her sandaled bare feet. Her gorgeous girlfriend Scarlett Alexis returned home to find Angelica struggling; surprised at first, Scarlett accepted her own ropework challenge and sat bound and gagged next to her partner. Although the lovely brunette's eyes widened when Angelica was freed, she soon writhed happily alone in a short black dress that revealed the extent of her legs and the heeled sandals framing her shapely naked feet.

Scarlett's sandals had disappeared along with her dress as she stood roped to a post on an outdoor patio in revealing pink bra and panties. When Angelica appeared, she wore a dominant dark dress and wasted no time in establishing her mastery of Scarlett, first with fondling before stuffing cloth in her plaything's mouth and taping it in place. The gagged and bound brunette's breasts were inevitably exposed and received the lustful attention of Angelica's fingers and lips, then she pulled down Scarlett's panties, which allowed her to massage her delighted captive's pussy. When Angelica leaned close above her trussed-up sweetheart, sandals inches from Scarlett's bare toes, she relished the moment of dramatic domination - - but their roles would soon be reversed.

No longer in control, barefoot and lingerie-clad Angelica took her turn roped to the post; stunning in a barely-there red top, tight black miniskirt and glistening red heels, Scarlett took charge with assertive desire. Soon it was Angelica tasting cloth before duct-tape sealed her lips, then her bare breasts felt Scarlett's roaming fingers and tongue. Before long the playful struggler's panties slipped to her knees with help from her energized lover, whose hand slipped gently between Angelica's legs to raise the erotic temperature even higher. Scarlett couldn't resist demonstrating the contrast between her shining footwear and her rope-bound gal-pal's bare feet so she raised a spike heel playfully above Angelica's toes, then relaxed when the man enabling their adventure suggested that they return to sharing bondage.

Once Angelica was freed and re-clothed in her black dress, she was tied and tape-gagged before joining Scarlett, also bound and gagged, in a carpeted space below floor level. Both barefoot, they curled up next to each other on the floor to savor the proximity of their struggling. When the drama was escalated by breast exposure, Angelica edged forward and turned her back to Scarlett so that her long-legged girlfriend's toes could loosen the knots pinning her wrists. The ropes refused to give way, however, so both moved forward to the steps leading to the floor above but their journey ended when a more provocative pairing was proposed.

It was the simple but stimulating moment they'd both been hoping for: Tied hand and foot, tape-gagged and naked, Angelica and Scarlett knelt facing each other, where they alternated between undulating submissively on their knees and leaning close to press their breasts together. Their final dual contortions occurred after they were hogtied on the carpeted floor, where they arched intensively until Angelica was freed, allowing Scarlett to display her nude allure alone when she rolled onto her side.

ID #: HH-465
Price: $25.00