Leah And Madi's Bondage Ambiguity - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

Leah Gotti was shocked when her friend Madi Meadows described how she'd been been bound and gagged a few days earlier. Surprised at home, Madi tried to hide but was left tied up on the floor in her dress with a white cloth tightened between her lips. After straining in bondage for several minutes, Madi slipped off her heels and began to edge toward a door; when her attempt to escape failed, the barefoot girl was folded on her hip by a waist- ankle rope-link and her breasts were exposed.

Leah never imagined that a similar alarming encounter could occur in her life until she was prevented from leaving for work one morning. White rope coiled tightly around her black top while white tape sealed her lips as she sat struggling on a chair; in an effort similar to Madi's, Leah tried to escape her plight by hopping away barefoot. When she was caught in the act, her defiance was countered with a hogtie. As she arched on her stomach, however, Leah made the surprising discovery that this rigorous restraint provided her with substantial sensual thrills.

Leah's erotic journey into bondage turned steeply upward after she was deprived of clothing and bound to the wooden post at the bottom of a stairway. Although her naked state caused some concern, the expression in Leah's eyes as they widened above the black cloth tightened over her mouth confirmed that thrilling sensations predominated. Rising on her blue-nailed bare toes, Leah tugged against the rope pinning her to the post, then reacted with pleasure after a final rope snaked between her legs to spread her pussy lips.

Madi found it difficult to share Leah's positive emotions after a female fugitive paid her a visit as she was relaxing with her phone. The desperate woman demanded Madi's top, skirt and heels, then left her trussed-up in bra and panties on the chair with a ball- gag between her lips to ensure silence. Before long, Madi's rope-framed breasts were bared, then after a strenuous effort to reach her phone failed, she edged off the chair to which her ankles were hitched. Unable to free herself, the bound and gagged girl first curled up with her bare feet close to her hips, before lying on the floor.

Naked bondage trapped Leah in a web of tan rope that confined her on a narrow white chair and once more generated conflicting emotions. Although Leah's small athletic body challenged her bonds vigorously, her desire to loosen them blended with the thrill of her domination by the knotted connections. A wide micro-foam gag accentuated the enjoyment expressed by Leah's eyes when she no longer sat on the chair but knelt in a position that symbolized her eager submission.

ID #: HH-470
Price: $25.00