Spy Training Challenges - DVD
Two Models, 52 Minutes

The spy training supervisor lectured Charlie Forde on the duties and difficulties she'd face in the field, then sent her off to practice her craft. Charlie's practice was far from perfect, as she was seized and bound by a hooded figure after she failed to elude security operatives at the target location. Sitting on a chair, she courageously denied that she was engaged in espionage before cloth stuffed in her mouth and sealed in place by duct-tape muffled her voice. Charlie strained nervously against the unfamiliar sensation of taut rope restraint, then her eyes widened as the disguised man removed her heeled sandals so he could tickle her bare soles when she continued to remain uncooperative.

Katie Kush received a similar speech from the supervisor later in the day before attempting to prove her skills. Although she managed to penetrate farther into the area to which she'd been directed than Charlie had, Katie also failed at the last moment and was subdued with rope as she struggled. After the bespectacled little spy refused to reveal her profession, she was abruptly gagged with cloth and tape like Charlie. When her bare feet received similar attention, Katie proved even more ticklish than her comrade; while she awaited a reunion with Charlie, she lay on the bench with her legs folded by a rope-link.

Two sadly unsuccessful novice spies sat hitched to opposite ends of a long, curved couch, both trussed-up in bras and panties, their lips soon sealed once more with duct-tape following their similar claims of innocence. As Katie and Charlie's interrogation continued, bare breasts thrust through the ropes circling their chests; momentarily left unobserved, they managed to loosen the connections separating them and edged to the center of the couch, then sat back-to-back attempting to free their bound wrists. After their desperate venture was quickly squelched, the barefoot trainees dealt with a more restrictive response that left them lying on their sides, legs folded in a manner familiar to Katie.

Charlie and Katie had never met until their mutual failure during the demanding spy training process brought them together. As they leaned bound and cleave-gagged against a boulder in the middle of a wooden floor, it was clear that the naked women were sharing emotional support while their ordeal continued. Their repeated denials of espionage activities, however, brought no sympathy from the cold-hearted man holding them, so Katie and Charlie were relegated to more strenuous positions that placed them kneeling face-to-face in large leather armchairs. Still close to each other as they writhed on their knees, the nude spies were far from freedom.

After they were moved into a bedroom's more limited space, Charlie and Katie stood against a large bed with waist-ropes hitching them to its wooden framework. Wrap-around micro-foam gags limited communication between the new friends but they expressed their feelings by leaning close to press their faces together. Later placed against the bed's headboard, Katie and Charlie curled up on their hips, legs folded, and still refused to admit their involvement in spying while actively resisting the ropework confining them. Although they failed to loosen its control, their bondage came to an end when the hooded man responsible for it revealed his identity.

ID #: HH-471
Price: $25.00