Sexy Scammers Subdued and Silenced - DVD
Two Models, 54 Minutes

Jesse Pony and Chloe Rose were attractive young women who made their living through the despicable medium of fraudulent phone calls. After they celebrated the success of their latest scam, Chloe took a break while Jesse remained in their office preparing their next devious phone message. Her plans were abruptly interrupted by a vengeful figure who swore to terminate their shameless enterprise as he tied her wrists, coiled rope around the ample breasts hidden under her blouse and silenced her objections with a duct-tape gag. Chloe received a similar welcome when she returned, then sat struggling along with Jesse as their breasts were exposed and shoes removed; the barefoot grifters endured a brief tickling interlude before their contortions were recorded by the intruder's phone.

Standing bound after they lost all clothing but their panties, Chloe and Jesse began to realize that they wouldn't be making any more phone calls in the near future. The con-women conversed nervously until the zealous do-gooder stuffed cloth into their mouths and sealed their lips with duct-tape. Supported by ropes raised to a horizontal bar, the barefoot pair strained cautiously against their bonds until their panties were pulled down and the righteous man once again raised his phone to assure that their naked contortions would be shared with the public.

Jesse and Chloe were given the opportunity to reflect on their wicked actions after they were removed from the office and sat tied and tape-gagged on a bed, their nudity covered by bras and panties. Determined to escape, the unregenerate scammers worked at freeing themselves from rope but merely succeeded in drawing the attention of their nemesis, who responded to their bad attitude with another tickling interlude. Although Chloe and Jesse remained defiant and rolled around on the bed after their breasts were bared, their bondage prevailed.

Bedtime for Jesse and Chloe ended after they were returned to nudity and huddled close to each other on the floor against a chest of drawers. Gagged with duct-tape, wrists tied behind their backs and legs folded by a waist-ankle rope-link, the naked pair continued their futile struggling until the tireless avenger arranged a more restrictive position. Despite the hogties that tightened their bare feet close above their hands, Chloe and Jesse arched with desperate energy on their stomachs but failed to loosen the body-bowing restraint.

While he was preparing his punitive coup against the attractive criminals, the zealous man had overheard Jesse and Chloe enthusing about an outdoor party they were planning to host later in the day. So as the final penalty for their exploitation of innocent people, he left the naked partners bound and cleave-gagged on their backyard patio. Anxious to avoid the humiliation they would experience when their friends arrived, Chloe and Jesse tugged vigorously against the ropes hitching them to the chairs where they sat. Their inevitable embarrassment was sharpened when their ankles were tied separately to the chair-legs so that their pussy exposure was maximized.

ID #: HH-472
Price: $25.00