Five Paths To Rigorous Restraint - DVD
Six Models, 49 Minutes

Leah Gotti and Zoey Sinn were in a bind once again, tied naked, gagged with duct-tape and seated next to each other on a lounge, their ankles hitched to its legs. They struggled in tandem without success until Zoey slipped onto the floor and sat with her back turned to Leah so that her girlfriend could use her bare toes to tug at knots that failed to loosen. Despite the strenuous efforts to free themselves, the bound and gagged pair finally accepted that they'd remain trapped in rope.

Wide-eyed little nude Laney Grey stood with her bound wrists linked above to a hanging chain as smirking Chloe Rose towered over her. Chloe entertained herself by fondling Laney's breasts before silencing her plaything's protests with a ball-gag and devoting attention to the squirming girl's pussy as she drooled. A surprising development abruptly ended Chloe's domination and placed her next to Laney in identical naked restraint, her lips also spread with a red ball. In snug proximity, the former enemies at least took some pleasure in pressing their breasts together.

Lithe brunette Madi Meadows was bewildered by the bondage that arranged her standing naked against the lower end of a bed, a crotch-rope pinning her to its wooden framework. Madi strained cautiously against the assertive ropework and raised on tip-toe while murmuring behind her tape-gag but release from the awkward position merely led to an even more restrictive position on the floor. At first arching hogtied on her stomach, toe-tied bare feet above her hands, hapless Madi later lay on her side, her nude body even more thrillingly bowed.

Graycee Baybee was the recipient of the entire rope-chain package as the tall blonde nude stood ball-gagged and crotch-roped, her breasts framed by a knotted-coils brassiere. Rotating back and forth on her bare feet and occasionally standing on tiptoe, Graycee drooled substantially while also maneuvering her bound arms with enough flexibility to touch her own nipple and tug pleasurably on the rope slithering between her legs.

Who could blame lovely Leah Gotti for indulging in some selfies as she curled up barefoot on a couch in bra and panties? But Leah was no longer able to hold her phone after the sexy influencer sat bound with black rope and gagged with duct-tape, then defiantly kicked up her bare feet before the inevitable exposure of her breasts. As Leah struggled across the couch's white cushions, she also provided appealing views of her curvaceous bottom and soles until her mobility was limited by a waist-ankle link.

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