Thrilling Bondage Episodes - DVD
Six Models, 52 Minutes

Although Laney Grey seemed so sweet and honest, Chloe Rose suspected that some of her friend's activities were questionable. But Chloe made the crucial mistake of turning her back on Laney and once she sat tied and tape-gagged, the true Laney emerged, amusing herself by baring the pretty blonde's breasts and fondling them. As their scheme evolved, Laney phoned her partner, who proved even more devious than the con-woman by placing her bound and gagged on the floor next to her innocent pawn after he arrived. Barefoot and toe- tied, they struggled side-by-side before rolling onto the carpet, where Chloe and Laney writhed futilely in their colorful dresses.

Angelica Coralvine experienced restraint of a different nature that dressed her buxom naked body in nothing but rope. After a tall admirer cleave-gagged Angelica, he fondled her breasts before leaving her to sit testing her ropework. The toe-tied blonde stood briefly before continuing her struggles on the floor, where nude Angelica rolled from her side onto her stomach and kicked up her bare feet.

Also naked and cleave-gagged, Leah Gotti was confined on a couch in an unconventional rope-web that pinned her bound wrists under her legs and linked them to her ankles. Sitting back at first, a frustrated Leah raised her legs high while attempting to loosen the knots controlling her limbs but succeeded only in displaying her shapely bare soles. After lying on her side, the dark-haired nude didn't surrender to bondage but Leah's contortions failed to free her.

Appealingly clad in her blouse, skirt and heels, Madi Meadows also became a bound captive as she sat on a couch, her lips soon sealed with duct-tape. The trussed-up brunette twisted anxiously in rope, eyes wide above her gag, until she decided to kick off her heels and try to hop away barefoot. Madi hadn't gone far, however, before her escape attempt failed and she was returned to the couch, where she lay hogtied and arching energetically with her bare soles flexing above her bound wrists.

Another pretty businesswoman encountered bondage when Lexi Holland was surprised and overpowered by a skull- masked intruder, who tied Lexi's wrists behind her, then gagged her with duct-tape once she sat on her chair. As the dark-haired young woman strained against her bonds, he sifted through documents on her desk before grabbing a large envelope of cash from a nearby safe. After ropes were coiled around the struggling girl's chest and the high heels removed from her bare feet, the mysterious figure completed his task by stealing Lexi's laptop.

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