The Spiritual Power of Bondage - HD Download
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Before leaving on his hazardous assignment, a worried operative visited an exotic beauty noted for her spiritual powers. When he asked Venus Valencia how to obtain supernatural protection, she shuffled her cards and responded that he could guarantee his safety by successfully binding and gagging three beautiful women. Or, to be more efficient, holding one beautiful woman in bondage three times. The identity of that woman was hardly in doubt, so Venus was moved from the couch where she had communicated with the spirits to a padded stool where she sat with rope coiled around her eye-catching pink dress and white tape sealing her lips. There the lovely mystic pitted her physical strength against the restraint she had decreed for herself and maintained the resistance after she was moved to the floor. Although Venus persisted in writhing after her breasts and feet were bared, escape eluded her so the client had achieved his first goal.

Clad in a form-fitting brown leather dress, Venus took her second turn as a bound and gagged beauty while she sat on the floor in an isolated empty room, whose stark white background focused attention on her lithe body's contortions. Still unable to loosen the ropes controlling her, Venus kicked off her high heels before edging barefoot to a corner where she was able to raise herself onto a miniature platform. After struggling unsuccessfully there, Venus stood up and moved cautiously toward the room's only door, then stood against against it while searching for the handle that could aid in loosening the knots until her client intervened.

Would Venus remain trapped in rope for the third time to guarantee the operative's spiritual protection? Alluring as always in a sleeveless top and tight leather skirt, she began the trial sitting tied and tape-gagged on the edge of a bed. Before long, energetic Venus threw herself onto the bed where she rolled onto her side until she lay facedown and kicked up her bare feet; although these exertions failed to free her, they did dishevel the top to expose her breasts. When the knots pinning her wrists began to give way, however, the sympathetic psychic warned her client by mumbling through her gag, a commendable decision that assured success for his venture. Her ropework tightened and legs folded in a hogtie, Venus arched impressively but any chance to defeat her bondage had vanished.

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