Zora's Hard Day & Bad Girl Brittany - DVD Combo
60 Minutes, Two Models

Zora's Hard Day:

After a tough day at work, lovely Zora Banko is ready to relax her aching feet and take a nap. As Zora wearily slips off her shoes and strips off her tailored suit, little does she know that a foot burglar has snuck into her apartment and under her bed; he’s delighted with the close-up glimpses of her bare feet! When Zora falls a, the burglar emerges for a closer look at her size-7’s. The touch of his hand on her soft, wrinkled soles awakens Zora, who begs the intruder not to hurt her and offers her feet as an alternative source of pleasure! t’s exactly what Jason the burglar was hoping for! He energetically worships her tasty soles and toes, but soon moves his head between her legs to make Zora’s toes wiggle with ecstasy. The aroused beauty returns this oral favor by teasing Jason rock hard with her wet mouth and tantalizing views of her bare feet! sex ensues! First Zora bounces on Jason’s cock, then lies on her back and flexes her feet spasmodically as Jason buries his dick in her warm cunt. Before long, Jason’s excitement builds to the bursting point and his wet cum decorates Zora’s red polished toes!

Bad Girl Brittany:

Let’s not kid around: Brittany Love is one naughty dark-haired vixen! Brittany loves sex and doesn’t care who knows…or watches! So it’s no surprise to find barefoot Brittany playing with herself and teasingly flexing her feet. Worked up by this erotic image, her guy dives in to suck her toes and lick her clit while Brittany moans her approval. Our gal believes in sharing the fun, so she surrounds the fortunate man’s hardening cock with her hands, feet and mouth. Once his pole is fully erect, Brittany submerges it with her pussy as she straddles its owner. His excitement surges as Brittany writhes and provides a tantalizing view of her curved bare soles. Brittany’s man takes charge when he enters from the side, spearing the sexpot and driving her to sole-trembling passion! Soon there’s no turning back for him, so exhausted Brittany’s naked feet are covered with his juice. Just what a bad girl deserves!

ID #: FX-17 - FX-19
Price: $25.00